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  • Localization

    The company is linked to incubation program of the Municipal Prointec Incubator at Santa Rita do Sapucaí – MG, a city known as the Valley of Electronics, a leading industrial and technological pole.

    Near the center of studies and training of manpower, focused on the technical and administrative areas in the city (FAI, ETE, and Inatel Senai), besides having the APL – Local Productive Arrangement of Electronic, which facilitates operationalization of manufacturing the product from conception to commercialization.

    Associated with this all there is an excellent geographic location close to major distribution centers such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, on the banks of Highway Fernao Dias, facilitating the flow of product to major centers.


    Av.João Luiz Vilela, 401
    Bairro: Novo Horizonte
    Santa Rita do Sapucaí - MG - Brasil
    CEP: 37540-000


    Telefone: (35) 3471-0418
    (35) 99191-0671 - VIVO
    (35) 98838-1004 - OI

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