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    The LIFETEC concerns of Brazil – with the quality of life and quality of products, as well as in process of implementation of IS09001: 2008 and Manual of good manufacturing practices (GMP).

    It has patent and trademark with the INPI.

    The Company has operating authorization at ANVISA – National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance. PROCEDURE: 25351.055746/2011-20 AUTORIZ / MS: U9599X1X5X0Y

    The company has received several awards, among them we highlight: INNOVATION AWARD 2011 DESING The National Innovation Award, the company has been recognized through this award for the CNI – National Confederation of Industry as the company noted in item design innovation in 2011.


    The prize aims to reward companies that have the ability to implement good ideas, innovate and overcome obstacles, with the introduction of new products, processes and services and improvements in the organizational environment and cultural enterprises.

    National Innovation Award (formerly the prize CNI) is an initiative aimed at helping Brazilian companies to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement in the management of their innovative designs and / or system innovation management.

    The award is due recognition for manufacturing enterprises that contribute to increased competitiveness and sustainable development of the sector in the country.


    MPE Brazil 2011 – Competitiveness Award for Micro and Small Enterprise.


    SEBRAE presented the award in 2011 under regional LIFETEC OF BRAZIL, industry category. The choice of winners was made and it was based on the criteria Management Excellence of the National Quality Foundation.

    Undergraduate Business Incubator


    At night, in partnership with the Municipal Incubator (Prointec), Inatel promoted the graduation ceremony of incubated companies. At the time, two developments Institute and incubated at four institutions of Prointec received a certificate of graduation. Three companies of the pre-incubation Inatel were also graded in the event.

    Entrepreneurs of graduated companies

    The coordinator of Entrepreneurship, Rogério Abranches, highlighted many positive results of the Inatel Incubator, among them, a survey released by the UOL portal pointing to the Institute Incubator and Prointec among the top 18 in the country. The choice was made between the 384 incubators in Brazil.

    Abranches also stressed that the six companies in graded event generate 40 direct jobs. Another fact stated by him was that, between 2010 and 2011, the United States alone, we invested $ 20 billion in 60 000 new companies. “These data confirm that the incubator is a strategic platform and operational economic and social development of a region, and how much they believe in the country’s development from new businesses,” he said.

    Coordinator of NEMP, Rogério Abranches says the achievements of the Incubator Inatel during graduation ceremony of empresasDe according to former student Inatel Marcelo Henrique Vieira business owner Lifetec partner of Brazil, one of the graduates of the Institute incubator, the incubation was a process critical to the development of the company. “In Incubator can understand the risks that the company could have and put the business plan the growth strategies of the enterprise,” said Marcelo.

    For the second time the event occurred undergraduate Business Incubator in partnership with the Municipal Enterprises. Carlos Tenorio, a former student of Inatel and CEO of the company Sairox, graded by one of Prointec, commented that the integration between Incubators contributes to the development of Electronics Valley. “The interaction between incubators, and Sindvel SEBRAE makes companies of Santa Rita do Sapucaí be a success in the Brazilian market,” he said.

    Fonte: http://www.inatel.br/inatel-noticias/cafe-empresarial-e-graduacao-de-empresas-comemoram-30-anos-da-incubadora-do-inatel


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